A scene from the Japan Catastrophe

The website has become very happy with itself these past few months. It had predicted the incresity of earthquake violence and as you can hear and see on the news, disasters such as the Japan, Haiti, Sichuan and Tang Shan have shook the world, bringing Cholera, and even radioactive dust.

During the year 2008, there were 58 significant earthquakes around the world - 12 of them with a magnitude of over 7.0.

In 2009 there were even more significant earthquakes, 72 of them and 17 over the magnitude of 7.0.

The amount of significant earthquakes in 2010 dropped to 68 but there were 22 quakes with a magnitude of 7.0 or higher.

In the last few months, the 8.9 magnitude earthquake which shook Japan has taken it's toll and thousands live homeless, trying to get back to their daily lives.

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